Myrtle Beach Family Beach Photo Shoots & Beach Portraits

Myrtle Beach family photo shoot.What to expect when you arrive at your shoot…

When you and your family arrive at the predetermined family photo shoot location you will be greeted by one or more of our photographers. Our photographer will explain to you and your family what is about to take place. Your photo shoot will move quite swiftly as our photographer moves you and your family from the dunes to the surf and perhaps a pier and poses you with multiple props. Though we have many preset poses and props please keep in mind that anything can happen. If there is a shot you saw in a movie, magazine or online please advise our photographer that you would like to recreate that pose with you or your family. If you can bring a photo of any poses in print or on your smartphone that would be great.


What to bring or do to prepare for your family photo shoot…

*Suntan Lotion

*Bottled Water


*Maybe a Hat

*Leave your camera, phone, handbags etc. in your room or car if at all possible. The less you bring to drag around the beach the better.

*Like us on facebook. Most customers who like us on facebook will see teaser photos the same or next day on our facebook page.


This is the Myrtle Beach JUMP! A favorite for most Myrtle Beach photographers.

Most family photo shoots here in the Myrtle Beach area take place right on the beach. Most likely it will be a bit windy and you will get a bit sandy and wet. We do our best to work with the sun and wind to keep our family subjects from squinting or having a face full of hair, but… Keep in mind that we are at the beach and almost every day is windy & very sunny. (that is why you are here) If you can tie up long hair it is highly recommended. We will walk you along the surf and you will get your feet (or more) wet. If you ware long pants or dresses it is fine but keep in mind they may get a bit wet. Most commonly folks do not ware shoes at a shoot but due to our very hot sand we recommend wearing flip flops or sandals that can come on and off as needed.