Popular Myrtle Beach Wedding Reception – Order of  Events

father_bride_danceBelow is a common list of the festivities, in order at a traditional wedding reception. Of course this list and order can be deviated from  in any fashion seen fit by bride and groom or wedding coordinator. It is customary for the photographer to stay until the garter and bouquet toss (usually between 2 – 2 1/2 hours into the reception). At that point the photographer will exit the reception.  At your reception the photographer will photograph all of the below listed events as they happen.

In addition to the below listed festivities our photographer(s) will photograph…
Brides arrival at the reception location.
Each maid of maid of honor/groomsmen couple as they are announced.
Bride and groom with any or all immediate family members.
Any other special requests from the bridal party within reason.
In order to get outstanding photographs at your wedding reception our photographer(s) will…
Work with the dj to time out events as they have been instructed to by the coordinator.
While doing the best we can to stay out of the way… we will instruct bridal party members where to pause on entry for their photographs, pose bride groom briefly and directly before the cake cutting and give pause directions during the garter & bouquet toss to the participants.

Here is the common order of reception events.

1) Cocktail Hour (or 45 minutes or ?) (Optional)

2) Bridal Party Introductions of Entire Bridal Party or Bride and Groom Only

3) 1st Dance – Bride and Groom Only

4) 2nd Dance – Parents and/or Bridal Party Join In (Optional)

5) Toast(s) – Best Man and/or Maid or Matron Of Honor. (and/or others)

6) Any speeches by parents  (Optional)

7) Prayer (Optional)

8) Meal (If Buffet, DJ will call guests up to the Buffet
by table beginning with the head table, followed by the
family tables, then the rest of the guests)
(No mad dash to Buffet line!)

9) Give Away Center Pieces (Optional)

10) Father/Daughter and/or Mother/Son Dance(s) If Applicable.

11) Dance (Approximately 45 minutes to One Hour)

12) Money Dance (Optional)

13) Cake Cutting

14) Bouquet and/or Garter Toss (Optional)

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